Movers, Shakers And The Cookie Baker

At this point in time, I have lived my life 50/50 in the Philippines and Australia, I am determined to make a positive impact in both countries I consider my home. Through Baked by Erica, I endeavour to spread joy and happiness to everyone I meet through delicious baked treats and use the profits from these treats to spread the joy and happiness further to a small farming community in the Philippines. Building an empire and changing lives, one cookie at a time!

Making a positive impact on society has never been easier, regardless of distance or time zone, technology has made it so easy to actually impact the lives of those near and far.

Much of what we do at Baked by Erica is driven by the spirit of giving back, of spreading joy and happiness to our customers and friends in Perth and to spreading that joy and happiness further to a small farming community in the philippines. We use 50% of our profits to deliver various community projects in Don Jose Aguirre (Sipulan), Zamboanga del Norte. In order to effectively deliver our projects from over 4500kms away, we rely on technology to get things happening.

From sending request letters via email, to teeing up the presents and menu we owe it to technology to make things happen instantaneously regardless of our geographic locations. You would not believe the number of message exchanges, photos, clarifications which gets exchanged for one project. We rely on Facebook, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp and emails to get the information across.

Technology also allows us to either deposit the money to a bank account in the Philippines or to send over wire transfer ready for the team on the ground to pick up in minutes!

The ease at which we can plan and deliver our projects is all thanks to this high tech times we live in. Without the internet, the interconnection we are readily part of with all our smartphones, and the communication apps, it wouldn’t be as easy to have the impact that we do in the Philippines.

As our projects heavily rely on our sales in Perth, our main medium of getting the word out about our delicious cookies is social media.

Using various apps to edit photos and to create various graphics, I tend to use my phone for majority of all these tasks. Sometimes I actually log in to a computer but 90% of the time, everything happens over this little thing I have in my hand.
To be honest, I sometimes forget just how far our reach is thanks to social media. Most of the time, doing what I do from home, it feels really isolated and that it’s just me randomly stringing words together, adding a photo, then pressing submit or post. Only when I encounter the amazing people who take time to follow our social media accounts do I realise that it’s not just me, alone on the couch or in the kitchen, on this journey. Every single one of you who bother to like, follow, comment or subscribe to the various communication channels we have are on this journey with me.

Technology, social media, and everything it comes with gets some negative press at times. The people who use it for evil and troll do it a great disservice.

Used correctly, we have the ability to change not just our own lives but the lives of everyone we meet and heck everyone we haven’t even met, from our couch on our little phone or computer. 


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Erica’s journey has taken her from being useless in the kitchen to where she can actually make edible things she craves. It has taken her from being unemployed and useless in building a cookie empire. It has taken her from just a cookie to life-changing cookies. It has taken her from “this is going to be hard” to “this is going to be one heck of a fun-filled roller coaster ride”.

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