The Roooar Podcast – Season 2 Episode 12

with Rachel Allan

Welcome to episode 12 of the Roooar Podcast with your host, Lauren June and guest Rachel Allan.  

So, what makes Rachel different form every other Business Coach or Marketing Consultant?

Tune in for Rachel’s story of how she researched the business landscape, listening closely to what the business community had to say – from knowing who your audience and market really is, to aligning with the consultants who match your business values – NOT the ones who tell you what to do and how, regardless of your business values and niche.

Rachel is an experienced marketing management professional, producing high quality and results-focused marketing strategies. Rachel’s super power is in enabling business owners to think BIGGER about their business, identifying opportunities and small changes with big impact.

Rachel is the author of Business Meets Baby: Practical Tools and Tricks for Achieving Balance, positioning herself as an authority for Mum’s in business and is a highly sought after speaker, coach and consultant.

Keep listening for candid discussion about the Instagram perfect life, and how this amplifies a feeling of being “less than”. Lauren and Rachel discuss if balance is a myth and granting themselves permission not to be perfect. Rachel also shares her best three pieces of wisdom for women in business who are expecting a baby.

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meet this weeks guest is an experienced marketing management professional who produces high-quality and results-focused marketing strategy. Rachel understands that business success can be achieved by all, and her passion is to help others to achieve their business dreams also. She draws strength by connecting like-minded people and creating opportunities for those who want to grow their own business. She has experience with many industries and a variety of business and organisation types from Government to not-for-profits and small to medium sized businesses. Her mission is to see business owners become the best versions of themselves.


keep on listening.

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